You Know Me!

You know me.

My distinctive hairstyle is one of the first things people notice when they see me. It often gets a lot of comments. Some people think I have small hands, but they are really proportional to the rest of my body. (I’m a small person) You may have heard that my name is different from my original family name. I love to tell people how successful I am – I know how to get things done – and how I even started my own school. But please only believe what I tell you. I wouldn’t want you to get misled by the “fake news” and “alternate facts” out there that dispute what I say.

As soon as I start talking, people notice my distinctive personality. They sometimes say I’m a braggart or that I must be a narcissist. Those are people who just don’t realize how humble I am for someone at my level of greatness. When people get to know me, they really love me. I can tell how much they love me by what I can get them to do for me and what I can get them to give me. They never feel like I’m taking advantage of them, because they want to do things for me!

Some people say I am immature and behave childishly, especially when I don’t get my way. That’s just the people spreading fake news because they don’t like me. People who love me will tell you that I am just being “honest” or “refreshing” and direct. Most people love me and when you are a celebrity, they will let you get away with anything. People know I am a celebrity because I tell them about all the great things I have done, and how I know all the best people, the most important people, and how they all love me.

I love social media and use it to remind people how great I am, but more importantly, I use it to attack people and ideas I don’t like. If you disagree with me, or if I don’t like you, I will punch back online and will belittle you, demean you, shame you, call you names, and call on my fans to join in the attack. If you call me out on bad behavior, I will deny I did or said those things. I will do it so convincingly that you will even begin to doubt yourself! I will attack you for things that never happened and my fans will be so outraged, they will also go after you. Don’t cross me or I will destroy you online!

They say actions speak louder than words, but I know if I say something loud enough and often enough, people will remember that more than what I actually do. I know all the right things to say, the best things, and people love to quote me. They things I say sound so good, no one bothers to see if I practice what I preach, and even if they do, they don’t seem to be concerned if I do the opposite of what I say. In fact, I’ve found that it doesn’t even matter if I lie. If I say things often enough and with conviction, most people won’t bother with checking the facts. If you do something good, I am happy to take full credit for it. But I’m a fair person, so if I do something bad, I will let you take the full blame.

Some people say I’m a liar, some say a narcissist, some say a sociopath. By now, you’ve probably guessed who I am. Yes, I’m the man, the myth, the legend – Sean Martial and in the following pages, you will get to know me even better!

Why this blog?