Being Respectful to Mr Wolf

Wulin Yijia – martial arts are all one family, so of course it would seem important to be respectful to fellow martial artists – well, not if you are Sean Martial! Here’s how I respond to a simple question –


Dear Mr. Wolf,

I have stated over and over that I, in no way, am a “spokesman” for the USAWKF. I am using my unique perspective to inform the ill informed on my own volition. After all, who is more embroiled in this than me? I am simply stating what I know.

I am not going to argue with people who can’t read:

Should the USAWKF stamp the info on your backside so that you may see it more clearly?

Also I do not intend to argue with people who just are clueless

A sport needs to be International in scope before being in the Olympics no matter where they are held. Europe would have never taken up the banner had it not been for the U.S. to lead the way.

 Your little tiff is not worth my time so go suck a banana

-Sean Marshall

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