Wulin Yijia – How Sean Martial likes to promote martial harmony

Wulin Yijia – I, Sean Martial, like to say that I believe martial arts are all one family. This is such a high-minded ideal, who could disagree with it. It is one of my favorite phrases and I use it all the time. Without even a trace of irony, I especially use it when I want to attack and denigrate another martial artist. I will cleverly talk about martial unity, honor, Wu De (martial virtue), brotherhood/sisterhood, and learning from others. Just after mentioning these things, I will proceed to lecture readers (instead of learning from them) and strive to attack without honor and to promote discord rather than unity. Notice how I will cleverly resort to name-calling to belittle those who disagree with me. Also, I love to drop names. Just see how often I will mention people who have a much better reputation than my own and I imply they are my good friends and supporters – trying to make it seem like they support my views. You’ll see these tactics repeatedly used against my many victims.

I also recruit friends to create accounts and coach them on how to respond. You may notice a similar tone in the attacks made under different screen names and wonder if I created multiple accounts to attack my victim, had my friends make the accounts and told them what to say, or did I just have supporters who thought the same way as me. I’ll never tell my secrets!

If my idea of what wulin yijia (martial arts are one family) seems different from yours, then you should probably know that my idea of family in general is probably different from yours. My birth family gave me up for adoption, but don’t judge – they may have had good reasons to decide to separate from me! I was raised as Michael Sean Pulzone by the family that adopted me. I chose to give up on them and separated myself and my children from them. I wanted such a complete separation, that I even changed my name to Sean Selah Martial. (Although that choice of name might seem a little egotistical to others, it didn’t o me since I am such a great martial artist. I did have some second thoughts about it and so used the alias Sean Marshall for several years.) Also, despite what you may have heard about my wife breaking up with me and requesting a Protection Order, just remember that in the case of the Domestic Violence charges, the Assault charge was not prosecuted, the Harassment charge was not prosecuted,  the Theft charge was not prosecuted, and the Placing Intimate/Sex images on the Internet charge was not prosecuted.

But enough of my personal family – let’s get on to the martial arts family and how I treat them. I’ll share with you some of my favorite attacks. Many of the sites where these were originally posted are no longer available, but fortunately for you, nothing ever really disappears on the internet so you can still admire my work!

Jeff W


Mr Wolf

Jeff B