I love women. I have great respect for women. Nobody has more respect for women than I do.

Nobody takes care of women better than I do. I will take care of women, and I have great respect for women, and I do cherish women, and I will take care of women. And I treat women with respect.

It may seem like I am repeating myself, but it is important to be sure everyone knows how much I respect women.  If people don’t listen to what I tell them, they may mistakenly judge me by my actions, and I don’t want that to happen.

You have to judge me by what I tell you to believe about me, not things like the domestic abuse, revenge porn, assault and harassment charges filed against me by my wife:

Of course, even though I respect women so much, who can blame me for gloating if one tries to hold me accountable and the case is Nol Pros because she can’t come up with enough evidence. I’m too classy to rub her nose in it, but a subtle gloat (notice the date) made me feel better, especially when my friends joined in to support me against her (probably without realizing)!

No matter how much I respect women, if you disrespect me, you can expect to feel my wrath and I will teach you a lesson you will never forget! You will go from my favorite, to my scapegoat! My favorite tactics involve convincing people that you are to blame for everything, getting sympathy by portraying myself as an innocent victim, and it is especially sweet when I can get your friends to take my side! People love me! When you are a celebrity, they will give you things, they will pay your expenses, and they will let you get away with almost anything. I have the best words and all the best reasons for everything – just ask me!

For example, my queen would never have a sudden personality change and start treating me with animosity because she discovered I was having an affair with a younger woman. See, that kind of thinking would put blame on me and make her anger seem reasonable. Who would want to support me in winning against her if that is what they believed? So it makes much more sense that her personality change would be due to a accident under strange circumstances that was responsible for the sudden and unreasonable animosity. I’m a great guy, a wonderful guy, who really, really respects women. Women naturally love me and the only reason this one is angry at me is that a bump on the head has addled her poor brain. If it wasn’t for that accident, she would still support me completely and would never have filed any charges against me. You should always believe what women say, unless they got bumped on the head or are saying bad things about me. Then you know it is just fake news! So now I need your help to take her children from her because you know that’s what she would want me to do if she wasn’t sick. That’s why I’ve started this page to raise $10,000 to help me.

I really, really respect women and the wonderful things they do. Sometimes they do such great things, I just need to take credit for them. When my boss ( a woman) organized a martial arts tournament and it turned out to be successful, I took credit for that. Of course, if it was a total failure, I would have allowed her to take full credit. Now the trick is to take credit without getting disagreement from the people who deserve the credit. One way is to drive the people out of the business, so they never see your claims and don’t have a voice anymore. Another way, is to take the credit in ways they won’t know about – for example, sending out resumes they will not likely see. Of course, a resume can still accidentally end up in the hands of someone who knows alternate truths and shares it.

I am a master of wording and can spin a tall tale better than anyone. Notice how the above wording makes it sound like the Good Will Tournament is something I started. There is no mention of the woman kung fu instructor who ran a martial arts program at the Harbour School, or the woman owner of East West Martial Arts who agreed to become a school sponsor of the program. There is especially no mention of the woman instructor at East West who actually did the planning and organizing of the tournament which included inviting the judges and getting them to work together. Women are so powerful and capable of doing so many great things and I respect what they do so much that I love to sit back and watch them work and then step in to take the credit. Also, notice how I can make it sound like this was a long running tournament that raised money for many years. Would you believe that the tournament did not run from 1997 to 2000, but actually was only in 2000?

So now on to the next school and another woman boss:

The above is another good example of how I appreciate what women do. I was able to harass my boss at that time enough that not only did she sell the business, she got completely out of martial arts. That way it became easy to take credit for her accomplishments and not have to worry about her disagreeing with my claims.

If she was around to hear these claims, she would probably tell you that she got a business partner (a student) who was willing to invest some money to buy out the assets of the old school. She did a lot of work to find a new facility and they invested money to get it ready, They both had jobs and couldn’t teach full time or do all the work to run a school, so they invited me and another person to join them. They weren’t doing it to get rich quick and realized it would take a little time for them to even make a small profit. They were willing to let me become a partner even without investing any money if I agreed to help teach classes. I would then get a  share of profits that were eventually made. They even warned me that I would need to get a regular job to supply my income until the school could get off the ground.

The mother of kids who attended East West worked at a Chinese restaurant and mentioned that East-West didn’t have a very good meaning in Chinese and suggested a name for the new school. I took credit for that name. Of course the real owners would get a good laugh at my giving the impression that I could have named the school after myself. I even take credit for being humble enough not to name the school after myself when that would never have been a possibility!

Of course, you know I am so selfless and just interested in making a difference in the community that money doesn’t matter to me. That’s why a few months after the school opened, I started a special class to reach the community. The owners got unreasonably upset with me for that. Somehow they discovered I was teaching the class at their facility even though I was careful to make sure it was at a time they weren’t around (you know that was just because I didn’t want to interrupt the classes they had scheduled). Also, I was just having  students pay me directly so the owners wouldn’t have to deal with all that work of depositing cash and checks, because I am selfless that way. They just didn’t appreciate that and tried to give me some BS about how I hadn’t invested any money and they had to pay rent and utilities and that all income from classes should go to the studio first to cover expenses with partners only sharing in the profits, but that sounded like a plan for losers. They were the ones who invited me to be a partner, so they should have known that I would consider it to be MY school and MY students to use as I pleased. I don’t know why they kept giving me a hard time about it, trying to say it was unethical and illegal, but I told them that I needed a steady income, not some bogus unpredictable sharing of profits. They told me if I wanted a steady income, I should be an employee instead of a partner. Of course I jumped on that because some silly status as a “partner” didn’t mean anything, I wanted money. It turned out to be a smart move because I still just told everybody I was the owner and got the status anyway, and the hundreds of thousands I collected in pay checks was more than all those poor loser owners ever got combined!

Another thing I really love about women is how caring they are and how hard they will work to help and support others. When I approached a mother of one of the students attending the school, I told her that I really needed some financial help to keep the school open. Remember that I wasn’t an owner, had no say in the operations and didn’t even have any knowledge of the financial situation of the school. But I know that women are generous and they really want to help me when I give them a good story to make them feel good about helping. She ended up giving me $4,000! A few months later, I had raised enough to cover the $5,000 for my girlfriend’s enhancement surgery! Women just love me and love to help me. I just go right in and grab them by the wallet and they let me have what I want. In addition to big cash donations, I’ve gotten people to loan and give me vehicles, buy equipment for me and all kinds of things.

So once again, notice the masterful words from my resume. I definitely have the best words! Although my original boss during this time actually did all the hiring of teaching staff, I take full credit for what she did. Once I drove her out of the business and the new owner and her husband came on, they agreed to hire me to continue as a teacher. Notice how I take full credit for organizing many seminars with special guest instructors, even though the owners did all that. I didn’t even attend many of the seminars or sometimes would show up at the beginning to greet the guest instructor and get my picture taken with them to make it seem like we were close.

I’ve found that the bolder the claims, the more people believe them. That’s why I am especially proud of my claims to being responsible for the charity efforts of the school. The owner is very active in the community and she is so dedicated to charitable work! She carefully researches which organizations to support. Anyone who was actually at the school would know how ludicrous it is for me to take credit for all her work, but that is the beauty of my bold claims – most of the people I’m trying to impress aren’t actively involved with the school. Without ever donating any money of my own, or collecting a single can of food, I can take credit for “leading” all those efforts. The other great thing is that I am able to talk about the “team” we have exceeding my expectations in a way that implies that I put it together and lead it, so I can take credit for all they do. However, if anyone calls me out on it, I can point out that I never said it was my team or that I put it together.

My respect for women is not just about the wonderful things they do that I can take credit for, but also about supporting them against the terrible things that can happen to them. For example, I would never make light of someone suffering rape. That is just too serious to joke about.

I really support women and I’m all for the #metoo movement and #yesallwomen. We need to listen to women and believe their story. Their experience is theirs and not open to interpretation by others.

Just look at my really woke post below.

All those poor helpless women needed was a big, strong, experienced man to show them how to put together a program, to listen to what they want and to give it to them. You other men might not be as impressive as me, but even you can listen to women and believe them . . . Well, except for my wife. Don’t believe her because, you know – bump on the head and all that…

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